MS PUL Woolner 6952

A. MS Identification Data

Accession No. 6952
Catalogue No. 54  (Vol. II, p. 4)
Additional Nos.
PUL Subject Classification Nyāya

B. Physical Description of MS

Support and Layout

Writing Support paper
Condition good

Size in mm

Folio 327 x 126
Writing Area 264 x 84

Margin Lines

Type double  (two double lines)
Colour black

String Holes

Lines and Akṣaras

Lines per Folio (from Personal Inspection) 11
Akṣaras per Line 53  (50-55)

Foliation and Physical Completeness of MS

Foliation (from Catalogue) 5-55, 51-117
Foliation (from Label) 5-55, 51-117

Extent of the Text Present in the MS

Extent (from Label) complete  (? "incomplete" crossed out)
Extent (from Personal Inspection) incomplete  (no initial invocation)

Script and Scribal Conventions

Script Devanāgarī
Style of Writing upright
No. of Hands two  (separate foliation, no marginal lines on folios of second scribe)
Punctuation single daṇḍas


Rubrication Yes  (single akṣaras in closing section with colophon)

Structural Elements

Other Structural Elements space flanked by double daṇḍas

Gaps and Fillers

Line Fillers filled  (with auspicious formuls, "cha", daṇḍas and strokes on 117v)

Foliation etc.


Location of Foliation verso, upper left and lower right margin
Number of Hands two

Auspicious or Devotional Elements

Element rāma•
Location verso, lower right margin, above foliation

Marginal Title Information

Abbreviation ga• ṭī•
Location verso, upper left corner, above foliation

Changes and Additions to the Text

Script Devanāgarī
Linking Method kākapādas, alignment, line number given
Style of Writing upright, smaller than main text
Frequency infrequent
Orpiment Yes

C. Title and Extracts

Title of Work

Title of Work
Gadādharīṭīkā Pakṣatā Gadādharīya, Pakṣatā
   Source: PUL Label
   Note: "Gadādharīṭīkā Pakṣatā" between parentheses; two more akṣaras deleted
Gadādharī (Pakṣatā)
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 4)
   Note: use of brackets in catalogue
   Source: Concluding elements (117v,3)

Beginning and End of Manuscript

Beginning of Text

End of Text

Concluding Elements

D. MS Data for Prosopography