MS PUL Woolner 2183

A. MS Identification Data

Accession No. 2183
Catalogue No. 3190  (Vol. II, Saṅgīta, p. 204)

B. Physical Description of MS

Support and Layout

Writing Support paper
Condition worn/brittle  (edges waterstained and brittle, worm-eaten)

Size in mm

Folio 310 x 160  (approximate measuring on the basis of the cutting mat underneath the MS)
Writing Area 210 x 110  (approximate measuring on the basis of the cutting mat underneath the MS)

Margin Lines

Type double
Colour red

String Holes

Lines and Akṣaras

Lines per Folio (from Personal Inspection) 10
Akṣaras per Line 33  (30-38)

Foliation and Physical Completeness of MS

Foliation (from Catalogue) 9  (the catalogue withholds the information on further 16 leaves [folios 10-25] of Vr̥kṣāyurveda contained in this MS)
Foliation (from Label) 9  (the label notes further 16 leaves [10-25] of Vr̥kṣāyurveda contained in this MS)

Extent of the Text Present in the MS

Extent (from Personal Inspection) The available MS shots contain the initial part of the Gandharvavidyā [1v] and the final colophon of Vr̥kṣāyurveda [25r].

Script and Scribal Conventions

Script Devanāgarī
Style of Writing upright  (somewhat sloppy)
No. of Hands one  (probably; although the MS contains 2 texts [see Further Peculiar Features])
Punctuation double daṇḍas


Rubrication Yes  (sections)

Structural Elements

Are Sections Numbered? Yes  (no numeration in the Gandharvavidyā before śloka 13 on 2r; no numeration of Vr̥kṣāyurveda)

Gaps and Fillers

Line Fillers bigger and less narrow akṣaras  (25r)

Foliation etc.


Location of Foliation verso, upper left and lower right corner  (also on 25r, upper left and lower right corner)
Script of Pagination nāgarī
Number of Hands one

Auspicious or Devotional Elements

Element rāmaḥ
Location above pagination on lower right corner

Changes and Additions to the Text

Script Devanāgarī
Linking Method kākapādas
Style of Writing style and size like main text
Frequency infrequent  (on the pictures available only on folio 1v)

Further Special Features

Other Special Features

C. Title and Extracts

Title of Work

Title of Work
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 204)
Gāndharvavidyā / II Vr̥kṣāyurveda
   Source: PUL Label
   Source: Title Page or Title Folio (1r)
   Source: Text (insertion to the text in the upper margin of 1v)
   Source: Title Page or Title Folio (25v)

Beginning and End of Manuscript

Namaskāra Phrase
Beginning of Text

End of Text

Concluding Elements

D. MS Data for Prosopography

Śiva (prokta)
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 204)
Śiva. / II Malayasūri
   Source: PUL Label
   Note: "II" denotes the Vr̥kṣāyurveda
   Source: Concluding elements (25r,6)