MS PUL Woolner 0795

A. MS Identification Data

Accession No. 0795
Catalogue No. 808  (Vol. II, p. 58)
PUL Subject Classification Vedānta

B. Physical Description of MS

Support and Layout

Writing Support industrial paper
Condition good  (the sides of the first and last folios are a little brittle)

Size in mm

Folio 230 x 105
Writing Area 175 x 80

Margin Lines

Type double
Colour black

String Holes

Lines and Akṣaras

Lines per Folio (from Personal Inspection) 9  (8-10)
Akṣaras per Line 20

Foliation and Physical Completeness of MS

Foliation (from Catalogue) 82
Foliation (from Label) 83
Foliation (from Personal Inspection) last written folio is 83v

Extent of the Text Present in the MS

Extent (from Catalogue) 1st khaṇḍa, 1000 granthas
Extent (from Label) 1000 granthas  (ca. 934 granthas according to analysis [calculation with the above data])
Extent (from Personal Inspection) beginning and end preserved

Script and Scribal Conventions

Script Devanāgarī
Style of Writing upright  (rather big, clearly legible akṣaras, narrow lines)
No. of Hands one
Punctuation double daṇḍas


Other Emphasis highlighting with red powder  (of namaskāra phrase, intermediate colophons, etc.)

Structural Elements

Other Structural Elements secondary underlining

Foliation etc.


Location of Foliation verso, upper left and lower right margin
Number of Hands one

Auspicious or Devotional Elements

Element rāma
Location verso, lower right margin, above foliation

Marginal Title Information

Abbreviation bha.ka.
Location verso, upper left margin, above foliation

Changes and Additions to the Text

Script Devanāgarī
Linking Method alignment, sometimes the line number is added to the margin
Style of Writing m.sec.
Frequency infrequent

C. Title and Extracts

Title of Work

Title of Work
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 58) / PUL Label / Title Page or Title Folio (1r, nāgarī, black ink)

Beginning and End of Manuscript

Namaskāra Phrase
Beginning of Text

End of Text

Concluding Elements
Text After Concluding Elements

D. MS Data for Prosopography

Bhavadeva Miśra
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 58) / PUL Label

Person Related to Author
Mādhava Miśra
   Source: Text (1v,7)
   Note: Ancestor
   Relation to Author: Father
   Source: Text (1v,7)

Person Related to MS
Hajārī Rāma
   Source: Concluding elements (83v,6f.)
   Note: Teacher of the Scribe
Sāhiva Rāmajī
   Relation to Manuscript: Scribe
   Source: Concluding elements (83v,7)

   Place refers to: Author - Place of Birth
   Source: Text (1v,8)
   Note: ''vaidehaṃ bhavadevam''
   Source: Concluding elements (83v,3)
   Note: place connected with the author
   Place refers to: MS - Place of Writing
   Source: Concluding elements (83v,9f.)
   Place refers to: MS - Place of Writing
   Source: Concluding elements (83v,7)
   Note: ?
Uniform Name Varanasi, Janakpur