MS PUL Woolner 4165 (Saṃkṣepaśārīraka)

A. MS Identification Data

Accession No. 4165
Catalogue No. 961  (Vol. II, p. 67)
PUL Subject Classification Vedānta

B. Physical Description of MS

Support and Layout

Writing Support industrial paper
Condition damaged  (The sides of the white paper leaves are brittle, those in the middle of the MS are in better condition. At least one folio is broken in two. The MS is ''injured'' also according to the PUL label.)

Size in mm

Folio 240 x 120  (10 x 5 inches according to bookseller label)
Writing Area 190 x 70

Margin Lines

Type none

String Holes

Lines and Akṣaras

Lines per Folio (from Personal Inspection) 7
Akṣaras per Line 28

Foliation and Physical Completeness of MS

Foliation (from Catalogue) 164
Foliation (from Label) 164

Extent of the Text Present in the MS

Extent (from Label) complete
Extent (from Personal Inspection) up to adhyāya 4  (titled Phalakṣaṇa; see end colophon)

Script and Scribal Conventions

Script Devanāgarī
Style of Writing upright
No. of Hands one
Punctuation no marks


Other Emphasis underlining m.sec.  (parts of the end colophon)

Structural Elements

Are Sections Numbered? Yes

Foliation etc.


Location of Foliation verso, lower right corner  (at the very edge of the folio and hence often lost)
Number of Hands one

Changes and Additions to the Text

Main writing area
Linking Method above the line
Frequency infrequent

C. Title and Extracts

Title of Work

Title of Work
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 67) / PUL Label / Concluding elements (164r,7)
   Source: PUL Label (bookseller label)
Uniform Title Saṃkṣepaśārīraka

Beginning and End of Manuscript

Namaskāra Phrase
Beginning of Text

End of Text

Concluding Elements

D. MS Data for Prosopography

   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 67) / PUL Label
Sarvajñānātma Muni
   Source: Concluding elements (164r,7)
Uniform Name Sarvajñātman

Person Related to Author
   Relation to Author: Teacher
   Source: Concluding elements (164r,6)

   Place refers to: MS - Place of Acquisition
   Source: Bookseller Label
   Place refers to: MS - Provenance
   Source: Bookseller Label
Uniform Name Varanasi, Mathura

saṃvat 1845
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 67)
saṃvat 184(5)
   Source: PUL Label
sambat* 1845 śaka 1710
   Source: Concluding elements (164v)
1845 V.S.
   Source: Bookseller Label