MS PUL Woolner 5972

A. MS Identification Data

Accession No. 5972
Catalogue No. 1, 2, 47, 864, 585, 2277, 398, 359, 157 and 302  (864 [Vol. II, Vedānta, p. 62]; 47 [Vol. I, Śaiva, p. 129]; 2 [Vol. I, Dharma, p. 77] 585 [Vol. I, Dharma, p. 102]; 2277 [Vol. II, Māhātmya, p. 157]; 1 [Vol. I, Upaniṣad, p. 26]; 398 [Vol. II, Yoga, p. 30]; 359 [Vol. I, Dharma, p. 92]; 2273 [Vol. II, Māhātmya, p. 157]; 302 [Vol. I, Dharma, p. 90]; [ten texts in one volume])
Additional Nos.
PUL Subject Classification other  (see the note on Catalogue Number above)

B. Physical Description of MS

Support and Layout

Writing Support paper
Condition damaged  (badly worm eaten throughout)

Size in mm

Folio 157 x 230
Writing Area 95 x 200

Margin Lines

Type none

String Holes

Lines and Akṣaras

Lines per Folio (from Personal Inspection) 20
Akṣaras per Line 18

Foliation and Physical Completeness of MS

Foliation (from Catalogue) 411  (for all the ten texts collected in this MS: 1-32, 33-42, 43-55, 56-60, 61-129, 130-265, 266-277, 278-305, 306-317, 318-411 [sometimes only the number of folios is given, not the foliation of the first and last; I have added them; chf])
Foliation (from Label) 411  (for all ten texts collected in this MS folios of texts I to X respectively: 1-32, 33-42, 43-55, 56-60, 61-129, 130-265, 266-277, 278-305, 306-317, 318-411)

Script and Scribal Conventions

Script Śāradā
Style of Writing upright
No. of Hands one
Punctuation daṇḍas  (short daṇḍas at the bottom of the line; full daṇḍas; double daṇḍas for sections)

Structural Elements

Are Sections Numbered? Yes
Other Structural Elements space between double daṇḍas

Gaps and Fillers

Line Fillers line left incomplete

Foliation etc.


Location of Foliation
lower left corner  (only on versos?)
Number of Hands one

Auspicious or Devotional Elements

Element śrī.
Location lower left corner

Marginal Title Information

Abbreviation yo.
Location lower left corner

Further Special Features

Other Special Features

C. Title and Extracts

Title of Work

Title of Work
   Source: PUL Label
   Note: Yogavāsiṣṭhasāravivaraṇa, Cat. Vol. II, p. 62
   Source: PUL Label
   Note: Śivasūtravimarśinī (Sūtra), Cat. Vol. I, p. 129
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. I, p. 77) / PUL Label
   Source: PUL Label
   Note: Vaitariṇīvidhi & Pitr̥gāthā, Cat. Vol. I, p. 102
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, . 157) / PUL Label
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. I, p. 26)
   Note: "Atha[..]paniṣad" on the label
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 30) / PUL Label
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. I, p. 92) / PUL Label
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 157) / PUL Label
   Source: PUL Label
   Note: Dharmaprayoga etc., Cat., Vol. I, p. 90
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 62)
Śivasūtravimarśinī (Sūtra)
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. I, p. 46)

Beginning and End of Manuscript

Namaskāra Phrase

End of Text

Concluding Elements

D. MS Data for Prosopography

   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 62)
   Source: PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 30)