Further Features

There are 72 further features in the marginal title information of 78 manuscripts:

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"evolution" and final decision for śā.vā.: 0373

"haṭha" on 22v is pale and probably second hand; "datta" on 4v seems to be written by the main scrib: 3066

"puna." in upper left and "na. āsta" (?) in upper right corner of the folios: 7009

"śāstra•" on 1v, "śā•mā•" on 25v: 6993

(only one instance in the present sample): 6599

abbreviation of chapter names: 4296

also by two hands: 0895

bālakāṃḍe°, a°suṃdarakāṃ°, °uttara°, sometimes misspelled, e.g., bālakoṭe° : 0740

between double red lines drawn above and below: 0299

broken off and lost on several folios: 2468