Additional Numbers for Manuscripts

190 manuscripts with 188 cases in which additional numbers have been recorded:

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(Unlike the other Tantraratna MSS of the series PUL W 6595-6600, this MS seems to have no number of systematic order. The number of the others is 9B [PUL W 6595, containing adhyāya 5] to 9F [PUL W 6600, containing adhyāya 12].): 6599

ā (1r, red coloured crayon, nāgarī), a (1r, blue coloured crayon, nāgarī), 31 (back cover plate, red coloured crayon, arabic): 1209

gaṃ. 67 (1r, nāgarī, black ink); naṃ. 2 (58v, pencil, nāgarī): 1572

I (or is it "H"? pencil, 1r; probably roman capital I): 6939

I (roman capital; pencil, 1r): 7264

I/I (1r, pencil): 6542

II (in brackets, inside back cover plate, written with blue colored crayon): 0896

L 1677 (unknown purpose, black ink, 1r): 0076

L 2290 (black ink, arabic, upper right corner of cover), 9F (pencil, arabic, 1r): 6600

L 2538 (cover, black ink, arabic); 63 (1r, pencil, arabic): 6922