186 manuscripts have 158 different characteristics relating to marginalia:

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addition of entire ślokas: 0656

additions and corrections to the text: 1106, 1204, 1572

additions and corrections to the text; more than a whole line inserted on 1v and 2r; wrong akṣaras crossed out: 7178

additions of 1-3 akṣaras in the margins; interlinear additions of avagrahas and vertical strokes for word separation; the final folios show m.sec. daṇḍas and numberings written with red ink: 0706

also interlinear insertions in the succeeding line: the insertion is separated from the running text in the succeeding line by crosses ''X ... X'': 7259

An interlinear sign like ''+'' is inserted on 58v, the purpose of which is not clear: 6995

avagraha inserted below the line: 5022

Besides the marginal additions and corrections, small and fine single and double daṇḍas are frequently inserted, probably m.sec.: 6598

besides the marginals, secondary daṇḍas are drawn in a raised position and with a finer line than the primary ones: 7271

commentary: 0900