Other Special Features

136 manuscripts have special features:

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"compare Hall P. 193." written with black ink on the cover beneath the label; PUL catalogue (Vol. II, Appendix, p. 48) also refers to "Hall p. 193": 7179

"old ms." according to 1r (pencil, latin script), label (black ink) and catalogue: 6915

"Punjab University Sanskrit Section" stamp on folio 1r: 3065

"Very Modern" according to label and catalogue: 0228

"very old ms." according to P.U.L. Cat., Vol. II, p. 17, and also "Very old" according to label. Folio 1v is out of focus and digitized in an unsufficient resolution.: 7270

"With a picture on the front page" (catalogue) and "with a good picture at the front page" (label). Indeed there is a colored illustration (75 x 60 mm) of Gaṇeśa and Sarasvatī on 1v, surrounded by the running text. : 0048

A certain list is written on the upper left corner of the cover leaf: "ni. 5 / bhā. 4 / vaṃga. 3 / vr̥.ti. 1" etc.: 5950

A certain remark is written with pencil in four lines of a western hand on 1r. It is faded and hardly legible, but is likely to speak of "Advait Philosophy" and "In Print?". : 1975

A folded sheet of younger but also badly rat eaten paper is attached to the MS. The sheet has upright format and contains a certain list of 6 items in 24 lines (perhaps a list of contents). It is written in a sloppy bengālī hand.: 6083

a hole in folio 1, text of 1v damaged, ca. 9 akṣaras lost: 6090