Rāya Narasiṃha - Collected Information

Uniform Name Rāya Narasiṃha
Reference for Uniform Name EIP online, l. 1477

  • Name of Person in the Woolner Collection with this Uniform Name
  • Rāyanr̥siṃha
    Author for PUL W 7450 according to PUL Label / PUL Catalogue (Vol. II, p. 11) / Title Page or Title Folio (page 1, pencil, nāgarī)

  • Alternative Name for Rāya Narasiṃha
  • "Rāya Narasiṃha Yatīndra Śāstrin" according to EIP online, l. 1477

  • Work related to Rāya Narasiṃha
  • Prakāśikā, Work Authored by Rāya Narasiṃha according to EIP online, l. 1477.2