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Deborah Klimburg-Salter, Junyan Liang & Helmut Tauscher et als. (eds), "The Cultural History of Western Tibet" Recent Research from the China Tibetology Research Center and the University of Vienna (2008) 417p.
ISBN 13: 978-7-80253-039-3.
EUR 30.00

The present volume is the result of a scientific discourse during the last several years between scholars associated with the China Tibetology Research Center (CTRC) and the Austrian Science Foundation, National Research Network on the Cultural History of the Western Himalayans and the Center for Research and Documentation of Inner and South Asia (CIRDIS) at the University of Vienna.

The scholars whose papers are published in this volume met in Beijing in July 2007 in order to discuss their current research on Western Tibet in a transdisciplinary context. The result of these discussions is a wide range of scholarly articles dealing with Tibetan history, Tibetan manuscripts, codicology, archaeology, art history, and Buddhist philosophy.