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WSTB Catalogue

This is a complete catalogue of all WSTB publications, including those which are out of print.

WSTB No. 95 Show publication details
David Higgins and Martina Draszczyk "Buddha Nature Reconsidered" The Eight Karma pa's Middle Path (2019) 276 + 456 p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-33-2. EUR 53.00
WSTB No. 94 Show publication details
Margherita Serena Saccone "On the Nature of Things" A Buddhist Debate on Cognitions and Their Object. With a Manuscript Description by Paolo Giunta (2018) 377p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-32-5. EUR 32.00
WSTB No. 93 Show publication details
Oliver von Criegern, Gudrun Melzer & Johannes Schneider (eds), "Saddharmāmṛtam" Festschrift für Jens-Uwe Hartmann zum 65. Geburtstag (2018) 572p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-31-8 (out of print). EUR 0.00
WSTB No. 92 Show publication details
Marlene Erschbamer "The 'Ba'-ra-ba bKa'-brgyud-pa" Historical and Contemporary Studies (2017) 279p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-30-1. EUR 30.00
WSTB No. 91 Show publication details
Kazuo Kano "Buddha-Nature and Emptiness" rNgog Blo-ldan-shes-rab and A Transmission of the Ratnagotravibhāga from India to Tibet (2016) 488p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-29-5. EUR 35.00
WSTB No. 90 Show publication details
David Higgins and Martina Draszczyk "Mahāmudrā and the Middle Way" Post-classical Kagyü Discourses on Mind, Emptiness and Buddha-Nature (2016) 441 + 217 p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-28-8.(out of print)
WSTB No. 89 Show publication details - Open Access PDF
Brandon Dotson and Agnieszka Helman-Ważny "Codicology, Paleography, and Orthography of Early Tibetan Documents: Methods and a Case Study" (2016) 217p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-27-1. EUR 29.00
The Open Access online publication of this volume was generously supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
WSTB No. 88 Show publication details
Erika Forte, Liang Junyan & Deborah Klimburg-Salter (eds), "Tibet in Dialogue with its Neighbours" History, Culture and Art of Central and Western Tibet, 8th to 15th century (2015) 520p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-26-4. EUR 50.00
WSTB No. 87 Show publication details
Martina Draszczyk "Die Anwendung der Tathagātagarbha-Lehre in Kong spruls Anleitung zur gZhan stong-Sichtweise " (2015) 399p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-25-7. EUR 34.50
WSTB No. 86 Show publication details - Open Access PDF
Markus Viehbeck "Polemics in Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism" A Late 19th-Century Debate Between ’Ju Mi pham and Dpa’ ris rab gsal (2014) 355p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-24-0. EUR 30.50
The Open Access online publication of this volume was generously supported by the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" of the University of Heidelberg.
WSTB No. 85 Show publication details - Open Access PDF
Kurt Tropper (ed.), "Epigraphic Evidence in the Pre-modern Buddhist World" Proceedings of the Eponymous Conference Held in Vienna, 14-15 Oct. 2011 (2014) 264p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-23-3. EUR 29.00
The Open Access online publication of this volume was generously supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF.
WSTB No. 84
Changwan Park "Vasubandhu, Śrīlāta, and the Sautrāntika Theory of Seeds" (2014) 498p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-22-6. EUR 42.50
WSTB No. 83 Show publication details
Helmut Eimer "Sa skya Legs bshad" Die Strophen zur Lebensklugheit von Sa skya Paṇḍita Kun dga' rgyal mtshan (1182-1251). Nach vierzehn tibetischen Textzeugen herausgegeben (2014) 204p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-21-9. EUR 19.00
WSTB No. 82
Ernst Steinkellner "The Edition of Śāntarakṣita’s Vādanyāyaṭīkā Collated with the Kundeling Manuscript" (2014) 62p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-20-2. EUR 7.50
WSTB No. 81 Show publication details
Johannes Schneider "Eine buddhistische Kritik der indischen Götter" Śaṃkarasvāmins Devātiśayastotra mit Prajñāvarmans Kommentar (2014) 195p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-19-6. EUR 18.00
WSTB No. 80
Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp and Arthur P. McKeown "bCom ldan Ral gri (1227-1305) on Indian Buddhist Logic and Epistemology" His Commentary on Dignāga's Pramāṇasamuccaya (2013) 219p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-18-9. EUR 28.00
WSTB No. 79 Show publication details
Daniel Malinowski Stuart "Thinking About Cessation" The Pṛṣṭhapālasūtra of the Dīrghāgama in Context (2013) 112p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-17-2. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 78 Show publication details
David Higgins "The Philosophical Foundations of Classical rDzogs chen in Tibet" Investigating the Distinction Between Dualistic Mind (sems) and Primordial Knowing (ye shes) (2013) 369p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-16-5. EUR 31.00
WSTB No. 77 Show publication details
Karen Weissenborn "Buchkunst aus Nālandā" Die Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā-Handschrift in der Royal Asiatic Society / London (Ms. Hodgson 1) und ihre Stellung in der Pāla-Buchmalerei des 11./12. Jahrhunderts (2012) 217p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-15-8. EUR 23.50
WSTB No. 76 Show publication details
Theresia Hofer "The Inheritance of Change" Transmission and Practice of Tibetan Medicine in Ngamring (2012) 418p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-14-1. EUR 39.50
WSTB No. 75 Show publication details
Helmut Eimer "A Catalogue of the Kanjur Fragment from Bathang Kept in the Newark Museum" (2012) 216p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-13-4. EUR 24.00
WSTB No. 74 Show publication details
Karl Brunnhölzl "Prajñāpāramitā, Indian “gzhan ston pas“, And the Beginning of Tibetan gzhan stong" (2011) 197p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-12-7. EUR 18.00
WSTB No. 73 Show publication details
Martin Delhey "Samāhitā Bhūmiḥ " Das Kapitel über die meditative Versenkung im Grundteil der Yogācārabhūmi (2009) 521p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-11-0. EUR 28.00
WSTB No. 72
Helmut Tauscher "Catalogue of the Gondhla Proto-Kanjur" (2008) 231p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-10-3. EUR 24.00
WSTB No. 71 Show publication details
Deborah Klimburg-Salter, Junyan Liang & Helmut Tauscher et als. (eds), "The Cultural History of Western Tibet" Recent Research from the China Tibetology Research Center and the University of Vienna (2008) 417p. ISBN 13: 978-7-80253-039-3. EUR 30.00
WSTB No. 70 Show publication details
Birgit Kellner, Helmut Krasser & Horst Lasic et als. (eds), "Pramāṇakīrtiḥ. Papers dedicated to Ernst Steinkellner on the occasion of his 70th birthday" (2007) 1103p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-09-7. EUR 69.00
2 vols.
WSTB No. 69 Show publication details
Pascale Hugon "Trésors du raisonnement. Sa skya Paṇḍita et ses prédécesseurs tibétains sur les modes de fonctionnement de la pensée et le fondement de l'inférence" Édition et traduction annotée du quatrième chapitre et d'une section du dixième chapitre du Tshad ma rigs pa'i gter (2008) 854p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-08-0. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 68 Show publication details
Jowita Kramer "A Noble Abbot from Mustang. Life and Works of Glo-bo mKhan-chen (1456-1532)" (2008) 334p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-07-3. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 67
Birgit Kellner "Jñānaśrīmitra's Anupalabdhirahasya and Sarvaśabdābhāvacarcā: A Critical Edition with a Survey of his Anupalabdhi-Theory" (2007) 126p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-06-6. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 66
Konrad Klaus & Jens-Uwe Hartmann (eds), "Indica et Tibetica. Festschrift für Michael Hahn, zum 65. Geburtstag von Freunden und Schülern überreicht" (2007) 616p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-05-9. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 65
Helmut Eimer "Buddhistische Begriffsreihen als Skizzen des Erlösungsweges" (2006) 196p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-04-2; ISBN: 3-902501-04-9. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 64
Ulrich Timme Kragh "Early Buddhist Theories of Action and Result" A Study of karmaphalasambandha. Candrakīrti's Prasannapadā, Verses 17.1-20 (2006) 422p. ISBN 13: 978-3-902501-03-5; ISBN: 3-902501-03-0. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 63
Kurt Tropper "Die Jātaka-Inschriften im skor lam chen mo des Klosters Zha lu" Einführung, textkritische Studie, Edition der Paneele 1-8 mit Sanskritparallelen und deutscher Übersetzung (2005) 413p. ISBN: 3-902501-02-2. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 62
Taiken Kyuma "Sein und Wirklichkeit in der Augenblicklichkeitslehre Jñānaśrimitras. Kṣaṇabhaṅgādhyāya I: Pakṣadharmatādhikāra. Sanskrittext und Übersetzung" (2005) 165p. ISBN: 3-902501-01-4. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 61
Dram Dul "´Jig rten mig gcig blo ldan shes rab kyi rnam thar. Biography of Blo ldan shes rab. The Unique Eye of the World by Gro luṅ pa Blo gros 'byuṅ gnas. The Xylograph Compared with a Bhutanese Manuscript" (2004) 80p. ISBN: 3-902501-00-6. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 60
Pascale Hugon "mTshur ston gZhon nu seng ge, Tshad ma shes rab sgron ma" (2004) 364p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 59
Ryusei Keira "Mādhyamika and Epistemology" A Study of Kamalaśīla's Method for Proving the Voidness of all Dharmas. Introduction, Annotated Translations and Tibetan Texts of Selected Sections of the Second Chapter of the Madhyamakāloka (2004) 304p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 58
Shoryu Katsura & Ernst Steinkellner (eds), "The Role of the Example (dṛṣṭānta) in Classical Indian Logic" (2004) 275p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 57
Stephan Kloos "Tibetan Medicine Among the Buddhist Dards of Ladakh" (2004) 183p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 56
Samten Karmay "The Diamond Isle: A Catalogue of Buddhist Writings in the Library of Ogyen Chöling, Bhutan" (2003) 265p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 55
Pascale Hugon "Le rTags kyi rnam gzhag rigs lam gsal ba'i sgron me de Glo bo mkhan chen bSod nams lhun grub. Un manuel tibétain d´introduction à la logique. Edition et traduction annotée" (2002) 230p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 54
David Seyfort Ruegg "Two Prolegomena to Madhyamaka Philosophy. Candrakīrti's Prasannapadā Madhyamakavṛttiḥ on Madhyamakakārikā. I.I and Tsoṅ kha pa Blo bzaṅ grags pa / rGyal tshab Dar ma rin chen's dKa' gnad/gnas brgyad kyi zin bris. Annoted Translations. Studies in Indian and Tibetan Madhyamaka Thought Pt. 2." (2002) 299p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 53
Dragomir Dimitrov, Ulrike Roesler & Roland Steiner (eds), "Śikhisamuccayaḥ. Indian and Tibetan Studies (Collectanea Marpurgensia Indologica et Tibetologica)." (2002) 227p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 52
Rita Langer "Das Bewußtsein als Träger des Lebens. Einige weniger beachtete Aspekte des viññāṇa im Pālikanon." (2001) XII 89p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 51
Vincent Eltschinger "Dharmakīrti sur les mantra et la perception du supra-sensible." (2001) 166p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 50
David Seyfort Ruegg "Three Studies in the History of Indian and Tibetan Madhyamaka Philosophy. Studies in Indian and Tibetan Madhyamaka Thought Pt. 1." (2000) XIV 322p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 49
Horst Lasic "Ratnakīrtis Vyāptinirṇaya. Sanskrittext, Übersetzung, Analyse" (2000) 95p. EUR 8.70
WSTB No. 48
Horst Lasic "Jñanasrimitras Vyāpticarcā. Sanskrittext, Übersetzung, Analyse." (2000) 188p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 47
Vincent Eltschinger ""Caste" et philosophie bouddhique. Continuité de quelques arguments bouddhiques contre le traitement réaliste des dénominations sociales" (2000) 204p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 46
Katia Buffetrille "Pèlerins, lamas et visionnaires. Sources orales et écrites sur les pèlerinages tibétains" (2000) XII 377p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 45
Helmut Eimer "The Early Mustang Kanjur Catalogue" (1999) 202p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 44
Robert Kritzer "Rebirth and Causation in the Yogācāra Abhidharma" (1999) IX 327p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 43
Helmut Tauscher "Phya pa Chos gyi seṅ ge, dBu ma shar gsum gyi stoṅ thun" (1999) XXXIII 146p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 42
Yuichi Kajiyama "An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy. An Annotated Translation of the Tarkabhāṣā of Mokṣākaragupta" Reprint of the original edition, Kyoto 1966, with corrections in the author's hand (1998) VII 173p. (out of print)
The original edition is available in PDF format here.
WSTB No. 41
K. Kollmar-Paulenz and J. S. Barlow "Otto Ottonovich Rosenberg and his Contribution to Buddhology in Russia" (1998) XIII 81p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 40
"The Brief Catalogues to the Narthang and the Lhasa Kanjurs. A Synoptic Edition of the bKa' 'gyur rin po che'i mtshan tho and the rGyal ba'i bka' 'gyur rin po che'i chos tshan so so'i mtshan byaṅ dkar chag bsdus pa." Compiled by the members of staff, Indo-Tibetan section of the Indologisches Seminar, Universität Bonn, Issued on the Occasion of Professor Dr. Claus Vogel's sixty-fifth birthday, July 6 (1998) 206p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 39
Birgit Kellner "Nichts bleibt nichts." Die buddhistische Zurückweisung von Kumārilas abhāvapramāṇa. Übersetzung und Interpretation von Śāntarakṣitas Tattvasaṅgraha vv. 1647 - 1690 mit Kamalashīlas Tattvasaṅgrahapañjikā, sowie Ansätze und Arbeitshypothesen zur Geschichte negativer Erkenntnis in der Indischen Philosophie (1997) XXXIII 154p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 38
Eli Franco "Dharmakīrti on Compassion and Rebirth" (1997) 394p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 37
Chizuko Yoshimizu "Die Erkenntnislehre des Prāsaṅgika-Madhyamaka nach dem Tshig gsal stoṅ thun gyi tshad ma'i rnam bshad des 'Jam dbyaṅs bshad pa'i rdo rje" Einleitung, Textanalyse, Übersetzung (1996) XXII 309p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 36
Helmut Tauscher "Die Lehre von den zwei Wirklichkeiten in Tsoṅ kha pas Madhyamaka-Werken" (1995) X 478p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 35
Jeffrey D. Schoening "The Śālistamba Sūtra and its Indian Commentaries" 2 vols. (1995) XX/IX 388/382p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 34 - Open Access PDF
Jonathan A. Silk "The Heart Sūtra in Tibetan." A Critical Edition of the Two Recensions Contained in the Kanjur (1994) 205p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 33
Claus Oetke "Studies on the Doctrine of trairūpya" (1994) 144p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 32
Gudrun Bühnemann "*Sādhanashataka and *Sādhanashatapañcāshikā" Two Buddhist Sādhana Collections in Sanskrit Manuscript (1994) 150p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 31
Takashi Iwata "Prasaṅga und Prasaṅgaviparyaya bei Dharmakīrti und seinen Kommentatoren" (1993) 158p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 30
Roy Andrew Miller "Prolegomena to the First Two Tibetan Grammatical Treatises" (1993) 252p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 29
Claus Oetke "Bemerkungen zur buddhistischen Doktrin der Momentanheit des Seienden. Dharmakīrtis sattvānumānam" (1993) 266p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 28
Helmut Eimer "Ein Jahrzehnt Studien zur Überlieferung des Tibetischen Kanjur" (1992) XL 202p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 27
Shunzo Onoda "Monastic Debate in Tibet. A Study on the History and Structures of bsDus grwa Logic" (1992) VI 254p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 26
Ernst Steinkellner (ed.), "Tibetan History and Language. Studies Dedicated to Uray Géza on his Seventieth Birthday" (1991) XXXIV 536p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 25
Per K. Sorensen "Divinity Secularized. An Inquiry into the Nature and Form of the Songs Ascribed to the Sixth Dalai Lama" (1990) 466p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 24
Tom J.F. Tillemans "Materials for the Study of Āryadeva, Dharmapāla and Candrakīrti. The Catuḥshataka of Āryadeva, Chapters XII and XIII, with the Commentaries of Dharmapāla and Candrakīrti: Introduction, Translation, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese Texts, Notes" 2 vols. (1990) XXXVI/IV 290/188p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 23
David P. Jackson "The Early Abbots of 'Phan-po Na-lendra: The Vicissitudes of a Great Tibetan Monastery in the 15th Century" (1989) 79p. EUR 9.50
WSTB No. 22
Helmut Tauscher "Verse-Index of Candrakīrti's Madhyamakāvatāra (Tibetan Versions)" (1989) IX 71p. EUR 9.50
WSTB No. 21
Tom J.F. Tillemans and Derek D. Herforth "Agents and Actions in Classical Tibetan. The Indigenous Grammarians on bdag and gzhan and bya byed las gsum." (1989) XXIII 114p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 20
Victor Van Bijlert "Epistemology and Spiritual Authority. The Development of Epistemology and Logic in the Old Nyāya and the Buddhist School of Epistemology with an Annotated Translation of Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇavārttika II (Pramāṇasiddhi) vv. 1-7" (1989) XIII 191p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 19
András Róna-Tas "Mongolisches Lesebuch. Lesestücke in Uigur-Mongolischer Schrift mit grammatikalischen Bemerkungen" (1988) 65p. EUR 7.30
WSTB No. 18 - Open Access PDF
Michael Torsten Much "A Visit to Rāhula Sāṅkṛtyāyana's Collection of Negatives at the Bihar Research Society: Texts from the Buddhist Epistemological School" (1988) 35p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 17
David P. Jackson "The Entrance Gate for the Wise (Section III). Sa-skya Paṇḍita on Indian and Tibetan Traditions of Pramāṇa and Philosophical Debate" 2 vols (1987) 619p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 16
Per K. Sorensen "Candrakīrti - Trisharaṇasaptati. The Septuagint on the Three Refuges" Edited, translated and annotated (1986) 89p. EUR 8.70
WSTB No. 15 - Open Access PDF
Ernst Steinkellner "Dharmottaras Paralokasiddhi. Nachweis der Wiedergeburt, zugleich eine Widerlegung materialistischer Thesen zur Natur der Geistigkeit" Tibetischer Text kritisch herausgegeben und übersetzt (1986) 57p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 14 - Open Access PDF
Michael Aris "Sources for the History of Bhutan" (1986) 203p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 13 - Open Access PDF
András Róna-Tas "Wiener Vorlesungen zur Sprach- und Kulturgeschichte Tibets" (1985) 397p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 12
Tilman Vetter "Der Buddha und seine Lehre in Dharmakīrtis Pramāṇavārttika. Der Abschnitt über den Buddha und die vier Edlen Wahrheiten im Pramāṇasiddhi-Kapitel" Eingeleitet, ediert und übersetzt (1984) 183p. EUR 10.00
WSTB No. 11
Ernst Steinkellner & Helmut Tauscher (eds), "Contributions on Tibetan and Buddhist Religion and Philosophy. Proceedings of the Csoma de Korös Symposium held at Velm-Vienna, Austria, 13-19 September 1981" vol.2 (1983) XII 334p. (out of print)
reprint Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi 1995
WSTB No. 10
Ernst Steinkellner & Helmut Tauscher (eds), "Contributions on Tibetan Language, History and Culture. Proceedings of the Csoma de Korös Symposium held at Velm-Vienna, Austria 13-19 September1981" vol.1 (1983) XII 18 Farbtafeln, XX, 478p. (out of print)
reprint Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi
WSTB No. 9 - Open Access PDF
Josef Kolmas "Ferdinand Stoliczka (1839-1874): The Life and Work of the Czech Explorer in India and High Asia" (1982) XI 58p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 8
Gudrun Bühnemann "Jitāri: Kleine Texte" Description of a manuscript from the Bihar Research Society with 10 small texts of Jitāri, and the edition of the following texts in Sanskrit: Vedāprāmāṇyasiddhi, Sarvajñasiddhi, Nairātmyasiddhi, Jātinirākṛti, *Īśvaravādimataparīkṣā (1982) 48p. EUR 7.30
WSTB No. 7 - Open Access PDF
Ernst Steinkellner (ed.), "Guṅ thaṅ dKon mchog bsTan pa'i sgron me'i rNam thar sgo gsum gyi rnam bzhag pa Legs bshad rgya mtsho'i rba rlabs" (1981) 20p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 6 - Open Access PDF
Lobsang Dargyay "Guṅ thaṅ dKon mchog bsTan pa'i sgron me'i rNam thar mdor bsdus bzhugs. A Concise Biography of Guṅ thaṅ dKon mchog bsTan pa'i sgron me" (1981) VI 45p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 5 - Open Access PDF
Helmut Tauscher "Candrakīrti - Madhyamakāvatāraḥ und Madhyamakāvatārabhāṣyam (Kapitel VI, Vers 166-226)" (1981) XXVII 214p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 4 - Open Access PDF
Gudrun Bühnemann "Der Allwissende Buddha. Ein Beweis und seine Probleme. Ratnakīrti's Sarvajñasiddhi" (1980) L 175p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 3
Piotr Klafkowski "The Secret Deliverance of the Sixth Dalai Lama, as narrated by Dharmatāla" Edited from the Hor Chos-'byuṅ and translated into English, with an introduction and comments (1979) VI 93p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 2 - Open Access PDF
Lobsang Dargyay "Die Legende von den Sieben Prinzessinnen (Saptakumārikā Avadāna). In der poetischen Fassung von Guhyadatta/Gopadatta aufgrund der tibetischen Übersetzung herausgegeben, übersetzt und bearbeitet." (1978) X 162p. (out of print)
WSTB No. 1 - Open Access PDF
Ernst Steinkellner "Verse-Index of Dharmakīrti's Works" (Tibetan Versions) (1977) XIV 225p. (out of print)