Survey of editions of the Carakasaṃhitā and their sources

In the summaries of titles, the spelling of names of editors, series, publishers and locations have been adapted to the standard English transcription of Indian names.
In the section giving the full Sanskrit text of the title page, names of works, authors, editors, etc., are written with capitals, even within compounds.
The arrangement of chapters (adhyāyas) in the Cikitsāsthāna (ci) serves as the criterion for the distinction between the Kashmiri recension and the eastern recension. Possible contamination was not considered, i.e., editions identified as belonging to the Kashmiri recension may elsewhere follow the eastern recension.
References to numbered text passages are according to edition no. 30 (Mz) 1941.
In some cases it was possible to identify mss. used by earlier editors with mss. available to the project or mss. that could be located in mss. catalogues.
Abbreviations in bold face and placed between square brackets indicate the sigla of the editions that were collated for Vimānasthāna 8. Bold-faced abbreviations of libraries and call numbers indicate the copy used for collation if more than one copy is listed.


  1. Ed. Gangadhar Kaviraj, Kolkata: Samvadajnanaratnakar Press 1868 (samvat 1925), Bengali script.
    Next editions: Saidabad: Pramadabhanjana Press 1878/79 (samvat 1935) in Bengali script, and 1884/85 [SE].
  2. Ed. Ananta Kunte, Mumbai: Jnanamitra Press 1876, Devanagari script.
  3. Ed. Jivananda Vidyasagara Bhattacaryya, 1st ed. Kolkata: Sarasvati Press 1877 [C1E], 2nd ed. Kolkata: Narayan Press 1896 [C2E]; Devanagari script.
  4. Ed./Transl. Dhormodas Sen Gupta, Kolkata: Valmiki Press 1878, Bengali script.
  5. Ed./Transl. Avinash Chandra, Kolkata: Vidyaratna Press, 1884/1885, Bengali script. [C3E]
  6. Ed. Avinash Chandra with ĀD, Kolkata: Jyotisha Prakasha Press 1889-1894, Devanagari script.
  7. Ed. Harinatha Visharada with ĀD, Kolkata 1892–1919 [C4E]; *2nd and revised ed. Pune 1929, Devanagari script (introduction in Bengali).
  8. Ed. Yashodanandan Sarkar with Bengali translation, Kolkata: *1st edition [according to M] 1894, 2nd edition: Vangavasi Electro Machine Press 1910-1911, Bengali script. [C5E], *3rd edition 1930.
  9. Ed. Shankara Daji Shastri Pade with Marathi translation and notes; 1st ed.: Mumbai: Yajneshvar Gopal Dikshit, Bookseller 1897-1898, Devanagari script. [Bo1E]
  10. Ed. Devendranath Sen Gupta and Upendranath Sen Gupta, Kolkata: Dhanvantari Machine Press 1897/1898 (śaka 1819) [C6E], Devanagari script.
  11. Ed. Khemaraja Krishnadasa with a Hindi commentary by Mihiracandra, Mumbai: Shrivenkateshvar Press 1898, Devanagari script. [Bo2E]
  12. Ed. Krishnalal with Hindi translation/explanation, Mumbai: Mumbaimitra Press 1898; 2nd ed. 1903; Devanagari script.
  13. Ed. Dattaram Narayan Caube with his own Hindi commentary Māthurī or Carakacandrodaya, Mumbai: Nirnayasagar Press 1899/1900 (saṃvat 1957), Devanagari script. [Bo4E]
  14. *Ed. Kalicaran Sharma and Kshamapati Sharma with a Hindi commentary, Lucknow: Navalkishor Press 1900, Devanagari script.
  15. Ed. Shankara Shastri Pade, Mumbai: Nirnayasagar Press n.d. [1903?] [Bo3E], Devanagari script.
  16. Ed. Satishchandra Sharma with Bengali translation, Kolkata: Bhaishajya Steam Machine Press 1905 (san 1311), Bengali script.
  17. Ed. Vrajvallabh Hariprasad with a Hindi translation by Ravidatta Shastri, Mumbai: Nirnayasagar Press 1911, Devanagari script.
  18. Ed. K. S. Shastri with ĀD and explanations in Telugu, Karvetnagar 1914 (vol. 1), Karvetnagar, Madras 1918-1920 (vol. 2), Telugu script.
  19. Ed. Jethalal Devshankar Dave with Gujarati commentary, 2 vols., Ahmedabad: Satyanarayana Printing Press 1916, Devanagari and Gujarati script.
  20. Ed. Yogindra Nath Sen together with his own commentary Carakopaskara, 3 vols., Kolkata: Vidyodaya Press (J.N. Sen) 1920, 1922, 1930. Devanagari script. [C7E]
  21. Ed. Vaman Kesheo Datar with ĀD, Mumbai: Nirnayasagar Press 1922 [Bo5E], 2nd ed. 1935, 3rd ed. 1941. Devanagari script.
  22. Ed. Yadav Sharma (i.e., Jadavji Trikamji; cf. no. 30), Mumbai: Nirnayasagar Press (Pandurang Javaji) n.d., 2nd ed. 1922 [Bo6E], 3rd ed. 1933 [Bo7E], Devanagari script.
  23. Ed. Sadananda Shastri with Auṣadhavivṛti, Lahore: Mercantile Press 1926, Devanagari script. [La1E]
  24. Ed. Shripada Krishnamurti Shastri with Telugu translation, Bezwada: Vani Press 1926 (1st ed.), Andhra Granthalaya Mudraksharashala 1935 (2nd ed.), Telugu script.
  25. Ed. Narendranath Sengupta & Balaichandra Sengupta with ĀD and JKT, Kolkata: Dhanvantri Steam Machine Press 1927, Dhanvantari Electric Machine Press 1928, 1933; 2nd ed. Varanasi: Chaukhamba Orientalia 1984-1985; reprint: Kashi Ayurveda Series no. 1, Varanasi, Delhi 1991, 2nd ed. of this reprint 2002 [C8E]; Devanagari script.
  26. Ed. Narendranath Shastri with ĀD, Lahore: Motilal Banarsidas (The Bombay Sanskrit Press) 1929, Devanagari script. [La2E]
  27. Ed. Venkatachalapati Prasada Shastry, Bezwada: Sri Krishna Devaraya Andhra Bhasha Nilayamu. 1 to 32 pages Saubhagya Press, printed at the Bhavani Press 1930, Telugu script.
  28. *Ed. Ram Prasad and Shiv Sharma with a Hindi commentary, 2 vols., Mumbai: Lakshmi Venkateshvar Steam Press 1932; (reprint) Mumbai: Khemraj Shrikrishnadas Mumbai Prakashan 1989, Devanagari script.
  29. Ed. Gangavishnu Krishnadas, Mumbai: Lakshmivenkateshvar Steam Press 1932/1933, Devanagari script.
  30. Ed. Jadavji Trikamji (i.e. Trivikramatmaja Yadav Sharma, cf. no. 22) with ĀD, Mumbai: Nirnayasagar Press 1st ed. 1933, 2nd ed. 1935, 3rd ed. 1941 [Bo8E], reprint of 3rd ed. Varanasi: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Sansthan 1981, Devanagari script.
  31. Ed. Jaydev Vidyalankar with the Hindi commentary Tantrārthadīpikā, Lahore: Motilal Banarsidass *1st ed. 1934-1936; *2nd ed. 1944; *4th ed. 1948;Varanasi, Delhi, Patna: Motilal Banarsidass 7th ed. 1966; 8th ed. 1970 [La3E]; 9th ed. 1975; reprint (2 vols.) Delhi 1979, 1986, 1994, 1998, 2002, Devanagari script.
  32. *Ed. [unknown editor] together with a Telugu translation, 3 vols., Madras: Vanivilas Press (V.R.S. and Sons) 1935, 1937, 1939.
  33. *Ed. S. K. Sarasvati, Sūtrasthāna with Jyotish Chandra Sarasvati’s Carakapradīpikā, Varanasi: Indian Press 1937.
  34. Ed. Taradatta Pant with Bhāgīrathī Notes, 2 parts, Haridas Sanskrit Series 67, Varanasi: The Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office (Vidyavilas Press, Jaykrishnadas Haridas Gupta) 1937, 1938, Devanagari script.
  35. *Ed. Kaviraj Atridev Gupta with Hindi translation, Ajmer 1938, Devanagari script.
  36. Ed. Haridatta Shastri with ĀD and NPV, 2 vols., 2nd ed., Lahore: Bombay Sanskrit Press (Motilal Banarsidas) 1940, 1941, Devanagari script.
  37. Ed. Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurvedic Society with translations in Hindi, Gujarati and English, 6 vols., Jamnagar 1949, Devanagari script. [JE]
  38. *Ed. Vinayacandra Vasishtha with translation, 3 vols., Ajmer: Arya Sahitya Mandal, 1954, 1957, 1962, Devanagari script.
  39. Ed. Girijashankar Mayashankar Shastri with Gujarati translation. Vols. 1-5, Ahmedabad 1958-1963, Devanagari and Gujarati script.
  40. Ed. Rajeshvardatta Shastri et al. with Vidyotini Hindi Commentary by Kashinath Pandey and Gorakhnath Caturvedi, Vidyabhavan Ayurveda Series 32, Varanasi: The Chowkhamba Bhavan 1961, 1962; 2nd ed. 1969; *11th ed. 1983; *13th ed. 1986, Devanagari script.
  41. Ed. Gangasahay Pandey with Vidyotini Hindi Commentary by Kashinath Shastri, 2 parts, Varanasi: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office 1969, 1970; 2nd ed. 1983, Devanagari script.
  42. Ed./Transl. Ram Karan Sharma and Vaidya Bhagwan Dash, 5 vols., Chowkhamba Sanskrit Studies Vol. 94, Varanasi: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office 1976-1997, Devanagari script.
  43. Ed. by M. Narayanan Vaidyar with a commentary. Kuttikkalam, Etakkad: The Dhanvanthari Printing Press 1979, Malayalam script.
  44. Ed./Transl. by Priyavrat Sharma, Jaikrishnadas Ayurveda Series 36, Varanasi, Delhi: Chaukhamba Orientalia 1981, 1983, 1985, 1994.
  45. Ed. with Yogindra Nath Sen’s Carakopaskara by Ramaprakasha Svami and Narayana Prasada, Jaipur: Shrisvamilakshmirama Trust 2039 [i.e. 1982/1983].
  46. Ed. by Priyavrat Sharma, Jaykrishnadas Ayurveda Series 48, Varanasi, Delhi: Chaukhamba Orientalia 1983.
  47. Ed. Brahmanand Tripathi with the Carakacandrikā Hindi Commentary, Chaukhamba Ayurvijnan Granthamala 11, 2 vols., Varanasi: Chaukhamba Surabharati Prakashan 1983-1988, Devanagari script. [VE]
  48. Ed. Vrajendracandra Nag, 5 vols., Kolkata: Navapatra Prakashan 1984-1989, Bengali script.
  49. *Ed. Priyavrat Sharma and Satyadev Dube with TP, Shri­svami­lakshmi­rama­nidhigranthamala 7, Jaipur: Shrisvamilakshmirama Trust 1990.
  50. Ed. Purushottama Kara Sharma with Oriya commentary, Cuttack: Dhama Grantha 2002, Oriya script. [CuE]
  51. Ed. Michel Angot (Sutrasthana and Sharirasthana), Paris: Les Belles Lettres 2011.

The survey of editions of the Carakasaṃhitā is also available as a PDF File.